Sunday, October 4, 2009

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson

I recently started volunteering with Austin Pets Alive, a non-profit organization aiming to make Austin a no-kill city. I took these two adorable Rhodesian Ridge-back mix pups into my house for a two- week foster. Being that I was their first owner I got to name them and decided on Peter Parker, the brown male and Mary Jane, his sweet faced sister.
I provided them with love, food and my time. I was so sad to drop them off when our two-weeks were up. Leaving them at an adoption site Peter was immediately adopted while MJ found her forever family the next day.

I'm so grateful I was able to give these puppies a second chance and the opportunity to complete someone else's family. It was hard work and I lost a lot of sleep caring for these two, but knowing I saved them from an all too-common fate makes it extremely worth while.